The reality is that it all boils down to you and your decision to take yourself seriously. What do you envision for yourself in the future and what will you need to do to achieve those things. You are still alive with a healthy mind and body. You only need to stop denying yourself the things you deserve to have and start putting in work.

Make things happen. Remember no one knows who you are and what you are going through you will need to play your initiative card.

Envision Your Entrepreneur Lifestyle

Create A Plan

A plan is simple to create because at this stage the only thing that needs to be done is thinking of a way to make what you want to happen come to fruition.

Do Not Give Up

Time, life, the spinning of the earth will not stop while you are living, so why not keep going towards a happy lifestyle.

Begin To Start

It does not matter how small you begin doing something that will make you closer to the happy lifestyle you want just as long as you have started doing not just talking about what you will do.

To Win You Must Play

At times things will move slow or not at all. This is when not giving up comes in. Life is to be lived in the good times and the not so wonderful days.

Work For Yourself

You have not known happiness until the day that you do not have to answer to anyone but yourself and that beautiful moment when you have realized you are financially free.


Change anything that you can in life that is making you unhappy. What ever makes you happy down to the smallest things do them which in turn will begin to start your happy lifestyle.

You should know…

Take your time but hurry up. Your plan to  your happy lifestyle does not have to be the worst thing you have ever done. You are the boss, so the time you have is yours to do with what ever you want.

Think about how much more time you will have when you have achieved financial freedom and do not have the need to depend on a J.O.B.

As you are creating your lifestyle it will become your life. Live and have fun money is not everything.


The source of wealth cannot be bought sold taught or learned. It cannot be practiced until it’s perfect there is no thing nor natural given gift that can match it’s value. Many people are simply born with it and without it accomplishing the simplest tasks in life is nearly impossible. Your health is wealth.

I have been healthy for the most part of my life and have been able to keep youth and vitality. I am not sure were I would be without it.