Internetwork Educationist

In many ways Internetwork Educationist is just like everyone who is seeking a means to an end of working servitude. She is a fighter like all the women and men before her that wanted a happy lifestyle with out the everyday tribulations. She is a person that knows it is more to life than living a lifestyle of another.

She believes people should benefit from their hard work over time and to begin you must start. Sharese Johnson is a doer who advocates finding solutions to change.

I have no regrets releasing the entire part of myself that kept me in a negative space. 

My philosophy

Begin to start making a change in yourself. All those negative thoughts about what can’t be done and what seems impossible to achieve with so little resources; start being positive and take it step by step toward a happy lifestyle.

  • Do Something About It
  • Become Independent of A Job
  • Envision Your Happy Lifestyle

Nothing you need for yourself is going to be easy. It will never seem to be enough to be successful unless something is done about it. In order to know how to be successful you must begin to start. All the support you need starts with you. Know that you are worth the struggle you will face.

I became who I wanted to be because I did not stop being who I am just because other people did not like it. 

Play The Cards Your Dealt To Get A Winning Hand



An employee who is given freedom to create new products, services and does not have to follow the usual routines or protocols. A intrapreneur is the creativity to a startup business.


A person who owns their own enterprise or corporation and business. Entrepreneurs take unusual high risks and take their own initiative to achieve a money making goal.


A job is something you get because it is the quickest legal way to make money that is used to your advantage to reach the lifestyle you want to live. Warning you will stay just over broke if you do not use the J.O.B to benefit you.



The ability to motivate yourself and know that you can accomplish what you want no matter how it looks on the outside or how hard it gets nor having a absolute plan rather knowing that you will find a way to make what you want happen. When everything goes wrong and everyone says how unorthodox you are but you keep going is belief.

  • Contrary to popular belief trying is doing.
  • You cannot try to do anything without actually doing it.

Be Happy For Other Peoples Success

Positive thinking is the first start to a happy lifestyle. Most people are so negative that they stop feeling happiness within, so negativity is the first thoughts that are felt towards other people. These type of people are so unhappy that it enrages them to see other people happy or successful so they feel the need to take negative actions towards people who are happy.

Positive thinkers want to see everyone succeed in whatever it is they aspire to. A positive persons one intention in life is to see that the world is a better place over one person having all of everything. I am sure you can see how negativeness can spread and positiveness is contagious. In a positive place everyone deserves all the good things that a happy lifestyle is.

  • Stay positive at all cost and you will see how much happier you are.
  • Negativity can be that one thing that keeps you from the success you seek.
  • Let positivity be the contagious addictive habit in your life.