Tips To Prevent Copyright Violations

A writers worst nightmare is being accused of plagiarized content. The internet is filled with so much writer content that how can you not practically write the same things that has already been written. It is totally possible to literally think the same thought or recall something you read without realizing it and writing it in a post.


Copyrighting Law


The laws for copyrighting other content and photos are extremely strict. The fines are from $750 up to $250,000 for each of the content that is stolen. You can also spend five years in prison.


It is tools that can be used to help with making sure that the many resources that most writers and content producers use daily to create content so that the infringements law will not be broken.


Will It Be Ok To Use This Photo


Using creative commons when choosing a photo for content is a great tool to make sure that the photo is ok to use and you do not have to contact the person who original took the photo, but you do have to tribute the author. Be careful about having other people create your content and choosing photos used in your content. It has been many blogs that have not only been written by the actual blogger because at times the blogger decides to get third party help and pay for some other person to create content for them. This causes a issue if the person you paid to write or create content for you ends up going wrong. Many times if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.


Don’t Get Turned Up


More times then not it is no symbol for copy righting, however giving tribute to the artist or author is important. Check out the FAQs, and go to the U.S. Copyright website to be sure.


When using video, image, make sure to read the policy of  fair use.


I use a lot of images all the time on my website. Leverage free royalty on You can use and


Uploading an image that you want to use for your content in to the google images bar will let you know how many times the content has been used by others.


The best way to protect yourself from copyrighting images and content is to come up with your own and making your own images. Using is great. I have never used this website but is another way to make your own images. I have never been big on infographics although  it is a good way of presenting content to.


If you have went to college before and took a writing class or the dreaded course that wants you to write a paper on something that you know nothing about so you have to research it. Then you know what I am talking about. It is difficult to come up with you own content sometimes. You have to research somethings then put into your own understanding of what you have read without writing word for word and totally copying it. Sourcing is the key to it all. To avoid copyrighting infringement source your work when it is not totally made up on your own. You do not want to have all your hard work taken down. Stay on the good side of plagiarism and be sure to create content that is unique to your personality.


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