Five Facebook Hacks You Should Know

Millions of people in the world are using Facebook. Starting a business in any industry using Facebook will gain future consumers.


Although making a Facebook Ad is very simple and gainful. Actually learning to use the Ad to make money for a business poses a high learning curve. The more businesses using Facebook Ads will drive up the cost for making Ads causing campaigns to not make much profit.


With any Ad platform it is important to have an understanding of what you are doing because you will loose money like a gambling addiction. That does not mean that Facebook Ads do not work. Remember the first time you learned to play the card game spades.


Like many have said before me you have to loose to win. It is no different when making a Ad for a business for the first time. Of course no one wants to keep loosing money making Ads to make money. To make favorable campaigns try doing these things when making Facebook ads.


Do You Like Ice Cream?


  • What is something that you totally love just because. Those are the type of people that you want to target when making a Facebook Ad.


What ever your business is you want to make an ad that targets the most extremist. There are people who like to watch football and it is people who can tell you when the very first football game was ever played. If I had to choose  I want the person that already knows what they want. Use Facebook Audience Insights. Take time out to input a interest Using Facebook Insights and check out how many likes on the page then look at the Facebook Affinity Scores.


If you see that you have high Facebook Affinity Scores and the pages show a high number of likes for the business you are on to a great start.



Run Targeted Campaigns


  • Running a Facebook ad will grow Facebook followers and you can invite your Facebook friends to follow your Facebook Fan Page. Targeting campaigns to fans of your page will more than likely convert better than people who are not interested in your business.


If you find that there are people who actually are engaging with fan page content that you have posted. Target these people. More strategies you should know. Go to Ad Manager and create a Custom Audience by clicking on Audiences. Make the audience of the people who have engaged with your fan page. These are the people who have written something about your post. Not the people who only liked the page. Run a campaign to target these people to test results. In order to do this you must first create a business and a fan page plus post content. Otherwise this will not make any since to do. A person named Amanda of whom I have just learned about makes a great how to create a custom audience.


Make Ads On Purpose


  • Your first ad will not be the most effective ad you can make. All of your information will be a hunch.


Lets say you have decided to sale apparel. When you begin to make a Facebook ad your first thought is to target who you think likes the apparel.


Make the right educated guess. Since you will not have much data to use with your very first ad. Ask yourself the important questions such as:


  • Who would be most likely to have money to purchase your apparel.


  • Will the persons use mobile phones or computers.


  • How old should the person be that will be interested in the apparel.


  • If you where a extremist about the apparel what will your interest be.



Make Changes To Improve Ads


  • After you make your first ad it is imperative that you improve on the ad. Do not create an ad launch it and think if you leave it that they will come.


The longer a ad shows up to a low interested consumer the blinder they get to its existence. If you want to know how many times a ad you have created has been seen go to the Frequency Tab in ad manager.


Facebook still charges you as long as your ad is running although the ad is not getting attention. It is best to decide how much you are willing to spend on the add before ending it and improving it. Ad Sets


Retarget, Retarget, Retarget


If you have been able to get new results from running your ad and see that it is new consumers that have shown interest in your business retarget your ad for these new people. While retargeting you can change your ad with different images to keep the older visitors interested and draw in new ones.



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