How You Can Stay Motivated

It can be hard when starting a new business because you will struggle with motivation more times than you think.


You may ask why is it that you would struggle with motivation when you want to start a business.


Most people struggle with motivation because they do not feel that they are making any progress although they are doing so much. You have to look at the light at the end of the tunnel. I go through motivation issues myself all the time.


I remember why I am in business for myself and why I am doing all that I do. I remember how far I have come and I do not forget the pass self I once was.


After I decided to take my life into my own hands; I was able to be on my own schedule and do things I wanted.


How can you stay motivated when you start your new business? The answer to this question is what motivates you? The things that motivate me are not the same as what will motivate you. Most of the things that motivate me now are the same things that motivated me in the beginning, knowing how far I have come and where I will be going.


I knew I had to continue working towards what I wanted and if I wanted to continue having a lifestyle I wanted to live than I had to fight for it. I am going to share some things that I do to stay motivated.


  1. I continue to change my outlook on all the ways I use to think about things negatively to a positive thought. I look at photos of beautiful places I would like to be. This worked for me because it was something that could be done. I did not choose something that would be totally impossible for me to obtain. I would have positive reminders in plain sight so that I could see them all the time.


  1. I ride my bike for exercise but I also just like to do it so it doesn’t really feel like exercising to me. This helps motivate me to keep going.


  1. Don’t stop having fun I continue to live my life and have fun all the time even when I am conducting business or in the middle of working. When I was working I would take time off of work just because I could. Do whatever you like to have fun. The best time to have fun is when you are getting less motivated and you will remember that you will be able to have fun as much as you are successful. Having good experiences of what you want to accomplish is the best motivator you can have.


  1. The small wins are the best. Every time I learned something new that I could apply to my business and it worked I became so excited. Do not make an unattainable goal for yourself. My goal was to make 5,000 monthly but I was happy to be able to begin small and work my way up to that. I did not want to have to work for anyone else again unless I wanted to. Have more goals because this will not happen overnight. You will become frustrated and want to quit when it seems that you are not making any progress. Depending on what your new business is focus on completing small goals in your business like getting your first loyal customer and task to do to continue to get more customers? Think about things you know you need to do and research things you need to know more about doing. Get a domain, set up WordPress and blog, contact potential clients each day. Work towards the small things to get to the big things.


  1. I listen to music a lot. Create your favorite playlist of all kinds of music you want to listen to. Everyone knows music affects any kind of mood you are in. Every song in my playlist is pacifically there for motivation. I listen to R&B, RAP, ROCK, and Classical music, but at this time mostly R&B.


  1. Helping others for no other reason but for the fact that you know that they need help is a great motivator. When you do something nice for someone it makes you feel good. In most cases that person motivates you because you are able to now see beyond you own circumstances.



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