Are You Content Like Your Clothing Lifestyle

Have you become comfortable with your current lifestyle? I think that you may not realize that you have a daily routine.  In fact I am sure you can say everything you do each day by heart verbatim. Don’t feel bad many people live with a routine lifestyle and millions of people like their lives exactly the way they are living it. I like to call it a cookie cutter life. I am happy for those people who have found happiness in their daily cookie cutter lifestyle, but I want more.


When you become comfortable with the daily routine in life change is the farthest thing you want to do. I could not blame anyone for wanting to stay in their comfortable lifestyle it is a life of stability in a way. The cookie cutter lifestyle awards you with no worries, no fear of the unknown, risk factors are obliterated. I did not want to just live someone else’s idea of what life should be. Essentially that is what a cookie cutter life is. I wanted to be able to look back on life and have great funny stories about how I did the most amazing hard to believe things.


I am always thinking of ways I can go on different adventures and travel. All of my happier memories is when I was not in the comfort routine of life, but on a fun get away. Don’t you want to make your life unforgettable? I know working at a time consuming job is not going to afford you any time to do that at all. After all you only have two weeks .vacation time to cram everything in each year.


Change is difficult. During my change from what I though was the life for me it was not always the easiest to handle. I had to endure things unconventionally, meaning I had to do things that I did not want to do and live uncomfortably. I had to give up a way of life that I had become accustom to. Can you fathom the thought of having to give up everything you have accumulated over years of hard work for someone else? Then again can you imagine working for someone for 30 years and after all your hard work when you retire you realize you still have not accomplished anything but $700.00 a month.


If you want anything worth having out of life and you want all your hard work to show for something then you will have to take risks in your life. It will not be easy. You will need to take each change step by step to reach your ultimate goal of financial freedom. I have started this blog to do just that.


Once you have decided that you want more for yourself and committed to the changes that you will endure to start your entrepreneur lifestyle accountability will be one of the most beneficial assets you will poses. I am not one to tell anyone what to do with their life. I simple ask if you can take a look into the future of a life that you do not control and ask yourself do you know what will happen the next day. Now, imagine if you had that control over your life. Becoming a entrepreneur is did it for me and I believe if you can visualize your entrepreneur lifestyle you to will take control of your life.



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