Eight Steps On How TO Make Money Online

Now that you want to make a committed relationship to creating your website, writing your blog and making social content for a targeted audience that will be interested in your business.  It is time to know how to do so. If you have read up on how to get leads then most will say start with a warm market. That is all fine and dandy till you realize what a warm market really is. Many may say that it’s harder but I truly have to say that learning to start with the cold market will benefit you more when starting an online business. I am sure most everyone has heard the saying a stranger will help you before someone who has known you your whole life.


Since starting with a cold market means that you do not know any of the people that you’re selling to then you will have to create good content with a very well thought out strategy. I don’t mean go on a spamming spree and send all types of emails to any and everyone without their consent or knowledge or without them subscribing to your blog. I am only saying you should show a little more initiative when pursuing a cold market to let them know that your online business does exist. After all you are in business to make money otherwise it’s not a business at all.


I would like to be brutally honest with you. Out of all of the books that I’ve read on how to make money online and what needs to be done exactly step-by-step not one of the informational books actually told me the secret to what they were doing to make money online. No one who has a very successful business online is going to tell you all of the tricks of their trade otherwise they would not be as successful as they are. The best way to know is to find out for yourself and the way to do that is by doing it. Strategies are formulated.


The more things change the more they seem to stay the same. There are thousands of different people online with strategies to sell their services. The one thing that allows the thousands of people that have successful business online to stay successful is what makes them different from the other business that is also doing the same thing. Let’s take Uber and Lyft for instants. Both of these companies make money from advertising two people to drive for their company using their own vehicles. What causes a person to choose Uber over Lyft it seems like it would not really make a big difference.  Honestly neither company is much more  different then the other both are ride sharing companies the only difference is the strategy of how the marketing is done to get people to join one company over the other.


I would like to give you another example. Think about Comcast cable and Verizon cable services. What makes these two companies different. Why would you rather use Comcast cable services over Verizon cable services. Is it the type of channels that one company has over the other or maybe it is because of the name, or how about the way the advertising of the service is. Maybe the websites catches an interest. It could just be for personal reasons altogether. The point is both companies found new  ways to market services that is unique to the company. I know that everyone is paying money to a company for services that they absolutely love, however it is always something that people would like  for the company to change or add.


A smart way to get a cold market attention is to make it easy for the audience. Do not make it difficult for them to buy from you. Try to make sure that everything needed to be known is right in front of them. create a inter-active environment to guide leads to want to purchase services from your online business. Makes sure to maintain credibility.


8 Steps To Think About When Getting A Cold Market To Convert


  1. Define The Customers Journey
  2. Make Products New For Them
  3. Have An Idea Of What They Want
  4. Make Conversion Easy
  5. Share Informative Information
  6. Show That The Product Is The Best
  7. Let The Audience Now The Benefits
  8. Make Things More Interactive



As a marketer you need to know what triggers your audience to convert. The best way to do this is asking yourself first when you want to buy as a new customer what are some of the things that get you to buy from a particular company. Simply look at your cold market as a new customer that does not know much about your company. This is when the information provider hat is put on.


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