How Landing Pages Differ In Creation

I can remember when I first began to learn how to sell services and products online. I researched and found that creating landing pages was how to get my business noticed online. The problem was it did not work like I thought it would after I made the landing page. What I found out later on was landing pages differ and I was totally using the wrong strategies with the landing pages.


If you have decided that you are going to create your business online. You are going to benefit from knowing the difference between landing pages and how to make a landing page.


The importance of landing pages


Making a website with all of your business information on it is not the same as creating a landing page. Landing pages guide people to buy products and services. Most websites will have a home page, contact page and so forth, however these different pages on a website do not accomplish the same goals that a landing page will. An about page for instants is on the website to let visitors know about your business. It does not have calls to action or any type of customer interaction unlike a landing page would.


Most any kind of sale that you want to make online most likely will have a landing page. These pages are used for everything such as social media and paper click advertising. Other ways landing pages are used is:


  • Getting your product and services noticed
  • Promoting to a pacific audience
  • Pay Per Click Performance
  • Getting new customers for business


Landing pages are different


Long form sales letters are used to go into detail about your products or services.


Name squeeze pages are used to gather information about a customer such as their email address


A landing page is more precise and actionable it gives a more clear understanding about the products and services a business offers and guides them through to a goal.


The differences of  landing pages


If you are looking to get visitors to click on your page then using a click through landing page  is the best because the way it works is to simply ask a question on the landing page. This requires action by the visitor of the landing page. If the visitor wants an answer to the question a inter-action process begins with more information. Check out this landing page by Lyft.



This landing page interacts with the visitor by asking them how much money they could make depending on which city they live in and if interested to the right of the page they are able to enter their information and start a information process on how to drive with Lyft.


A lead generation landing page is exactly what it sounds like. It generates more leads for your business. It is designed to get the email address name or phone number or whatever other information needed in order to process leads to convert sale. This is also shown to the right of the Lyft landing page.



Since mobile phones and tablets are used at a very high rate in today’s society by everyone  there are app mobile landing pages for that. Everyone with a smartphone or computer has seen them before. All smartphones come with an App Store with every app mobile landing page that can possible be offered for your android or Apple devices.


How to create a landing page


Unless you know computer programming and coding with some type of computer programming language to create a landing page from scratch which will probably take you many months I suggest using landing page templates. There are a lot of different companies online that sale landing pages. Some of the most popular ones are Unbounce and lead pages. However if you are like me and you do not want to spend a lot of money on landing pages and feel that you have the ability to use a template to create a great landing page then I recommend using Optimizepress. This is the first landing page template I used when I started because I was able to integrate this service within my WordPress website and I only needed to pay for it once.


What you should consider when making A landing page


Now that I have explain to you what difference a landing page makes. I know you will benefit more in knowing how to create a landing page. Let’s get started.


First you should know what kind of campaign that you want to run. Since you know what kind of products and services you are selling that is easy to now. Also you will want to pick whether the landing page is going to be tied to a social media ad campaign a pay – per – click campaign or  will it be just simply organic traffic.


One thing that I’ve learned is that organic campaigns and paid campaigns go hand-in-hand so if you are going to create a paid campaign, making a organic campaign will be the result in 85% more of people searching to find your business. The paid campaigns are not better than organic campaigns. The only difference is if you do only organic campaigns it could take years for people to start to recognize your business. Over doing paid campaigns it will take people a shorter period of time to recognize your business and you will get more exposure which can result in more conversions.


When making your landing page please be sure that the landing page has exactly the information that you want the consumer to know there should not be any disconnects when someone visit your landing page. A landing page should lead them to the correct website. It should not lead them to a totally different website that has nothing to do with what the visitor is searching for. For example if you are selling computers this is where the landing page should lead the visitors it should not lead visitors to a website that sells external hard drives. Continue the narrative with a specific design and flow. The page content should be exactly about the computers being sold. Do not be too broad with keywords because of the many competitors already running ad about computers.


Call to action


The most important thing that will be on your landing page besides the copy and the beautiful HD picture and the form is the call to action. Without the call to action visitors will simply leave your page without doing anything. A call to action should be a button that will convince your customer to click on it. Words such as try our service for for free. Make sure that your visitor feels that they can trust your business with using trusted seals like this picture below.


Nothing beats free. If you are a person that is just starting out with creating landing pages you can make landing pages for free. I do want you to be aware that in the world of online sales you get what you pay for and what you put in is what you will get out. Her is a video on how to make landing pages.


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