How To Make A Confident Decision On A Business Venture

I am a very frugal woman I like to spend as less for the same things that everyone else has and that is being nice. I will not spend any money on name brand materials. I actually look for things that are free every chance I get and will buy the lesser amount of tooth paste even though I rather use the one that cost more. I know you only live once but the price of some hygiene products are too much for me.


Honestly I do not feel the need to spend my money on unnecessary things. I believe this is a good trait because it keeps you from blowing all your money on things that you don’t need. I have realized that spending money on things that will give a return on my money spent is a wiser thing to do.


When spending money on things that I really don’t need causes my business to have a negative affect this is what frustrates me. It is already difficult enough especially when you first start a new business, all the money that constantly is going out and not enough coming in.


Building a business is great it is always the money part that gets you. I am all for getting the most out of what is better for you to do when building your business especially a business that will become your lifestyle. Although the cost of starting a business that will become you lifestyle is very low in cost making it not difficult to get started on a low budget. The sometimes large expenses can get to your stomach when first starting your business.


I constantly work on keeping my business overhead low, so when I have the chance to purchase an item or project or travel that can have a good investment return in my business I will have no reason to boil over.


Do you want the money or the product? Many people will invest all their hard earned money on materialistic things like clothing, shoes, cars, houses, that yield no return but when a great opportunity is offered to live a life of freedom all of a sudden everyone has to think about it and often never take advantage of living a better lifestyle although that is what everyone who is not living there dream lifestyle wants. You have to start somewhere why not with a good opportunity.


I do it to, the same thing sometimes fall back into my old ways of working mentality. I constantly have to ask myself is it worth it and why am I doing this.


I use every strategy to keep myself on the path to the greater me. These strategies may not make anyone want to spend money on them for the better but I think you should give it a go.


  • Think of you risk tolerance. If the money you have to spend on taking the risk more than the return and you know that taking this money to invest on the venture will not convert more than you have spent or at least make the money you spent back than you have you answer.


  • Look at your risk as a real world scenario. Once you invest everything into getting what is needed to help your business grow look at how it will benefit you, your life and families well being plus take into account the income you have. Will your decision outweigh the sacrifice and the short term expense?


Thinking of these things when starting a new business venture that will potentially be your lifestyle will help in making a confident decision on your investment.

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